Ole Miss Data Day

November 15, 2016

Where is #MeekData?

Data is everywhere – it’s in the paper you read in the morning, your calculated coffee order at Starbucks, the route you take to work and even the dinner you purchase on your way home. Technology has given us all an opportunity to see the interests, behaviors, patterns and feelings of others by what information they share. Your morning paper tells the newspaper industry that you care about current events. Your coffee order through the Starbucks app tells that company that you prefer pumpkin spice in the Fall. Your work route tells your Google app and any nearby locations that you are in the area and your dinner purchase may have been suggested by an ad you saw on your computer while browsing the web at work.

Each touchpoint you have with a business gives them a bit of data about you, and on November 15th #MeekData will be where you can take advantage of the tools advertisers and journalists use to reach consumers like you. Join us for a day of deep diving and skill building — then follow the hashtag for notes that others grabbed during the conference.


We will see you in a month!

Data Day Flyer

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